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Thamba Coaching: The Dream

This is the beginning of one of my dreams. Whether I have multiple dreams? I have countless. Some are and remain abstract dreams while others are converted into a goal with a specific plan of approach.

In the past I did not know what I wanted to be, then maybe for a little while a princess, and finally when I was seven or eight, I decided I wanted to work at the hospital. The strong reason for this was simple: my mother also works in a hospital, so that’s fun, so that’s what I’m going to do. Despite the fact that I have taken a slightly different direction, the desire to work in healthcare has always remained. This developed from a physiotherapist at the beginning of secondary school to a dentist at the end of secondary school. Unfortunately for me I was not selected for Dentistry and I started studying Oral Hygiene. That is typical for me. If I want something then I find a way. The following year I was again not selected for Dentistry and Oral Hygiene gave me little satisfaction. In order to prepare myself for Dentistry, I started with the study Health Sciences. This suited me so well that I did not participate in the selection the following year. Discovering answers to unanswered questions appealed to me. By the end of the study, the main focus was on research, but I knew only slightly more than a novice about the various areas of health(care). With the intention to explore more of the health field, I choose the subject that intrigued me the most. I started Psychology after obtaining my master’s degree in Health Science.

After the opening of the first book on my first day, the puzzle pieces fell into place. It was suddenly so clear what I wanted to be: a psychologist. Not in research, but to have contact with real people who can use a helping hand. During my psychology studies I came in contact with E-health. I had the great fortune that during my internship I ended up at a wonderful and cozy independent practice where there is still ‘just’ attention for the client. After completing my internship and obtaining my Master’s in Psychology (Clinical Psychology) I was allowed to continue working there and I gained my practical experience in online coaching.

At the time of my internship another dream begin to grow. At that time it was still far from clear what that would mean for my future, more about that later. Anyhow that dream has influenced the choices I made. This meant, among other things, that I left the fine practice. Saying goodbye can be heavy, but it also opens new doors.

It has led to the establishment of Thamba Coaching. A cozy, safe place where you can be personally coached online wherever you are and wherever I may be. Seven days a week you can be accompanied and you decide the pace. I find it essential, whatever form of support you want, that it fits you like a glove. That means no standard assignments or a fixed program, but rather focus on the unique individual and the accompanying support.

From a dream to a goal and ultimately to my own online business focused coaching, worldwide.