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Voor whom
The tools can be offered separately for people who just need a helping hand, but the tools can also be offered in combination with other themes for a full-fledged coaching program. Do you doubt whether online coaching is suitable for you? Sign up for the free and noncommittal intake, so we can explore together whether this form of help fits your situation.

These tools are aimed at identifying and testing thoughts, feelings and behavior. Characteristic of cognitive behavioral therapy, the method on which the coaching is based, is that it makes people look at a situation differently, as a result the situation is experienced differently. This sounds simple, but remember that how you think, feel and act in a situation is not for nothing. If it did not bring anything positive, you would not do it. Nevertheless, the behavior can work negatively for you. With these tools you will learn how to discover what is realistic and what your actual needs are, so that you can act accordingly.

Example session
On the right you can see an example of a (problem solving) session (in Dutch) as offered by Thamba Coaching. Click on the images to see them in full size.


  • The thought schedule.
  • Look at a recent moment of tension.
  • A behavioral experiment.
  • The event dairy.
  • The feelings dairy.
  • The stress dairy.
  • The energy dairy.

The tools sessions can be combined with sessions from all other themes.

A coaching program is always finished with a, free of charge, evaluation, in which you can evaluate the program and leave a review.