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Sounding Board

For whom
For anyone who would like to talk to a psychologist.

Sounding Board
Sometimes there are no direct complaints, but if you experience situations, feelings or thoughts in your life that you would like to discuss with a professional for advice or a professional opinion it is possible with the sounding board. Even if you simply want to blow of steam, the soundboard is very suitable. There are no pre-planned sessions linked to the sounding board. You are free to discuss what you want. The pace at which the conversations take place can also be determined entirely at your own discretion. Some people find it pleasant to know that they have contact with the psychologist once a month, while other people like it better to have the conversations in quick succession so they can continue on their own.


A message from your side with a response from the psychologist is seen as one session. The content of the sessions is completely free.


The sounding board sessions can be used on their own or in combination with sessions from other themes.


A coaching program is always finished with a, free of charge, evaluation, in which you can evaluate the program and leave a review.