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Problem solving

Voor whom
For anyone who can use support in solving a problem. Do you doubt whether online coaching is suitable for you? Sign up for the free and noncommittal intake, so we can explore together whether this form of help fits your situation.

Problem solving
If you experience a problem, it can disrupt your life. It can cause stress and eventually it can cause physical and mental complaints. Not all problems are equally easy to solve and some problems can not be solved. In the latter case acceptance is a way to deal with the permanent problem. In this theme you will make a distinction between the problems you can not change and the problems you can do something about. The focus is on the problems in which you can play a role. By means of a step-by-step plan you can prepare a solution for the problem as well as possible and eventually carry it out and evaluate it.

Example session
On the right you can see an example of a (problem solving) session (in Dutch) as offered by Thamba Coaching. Click on the images to see them in full size.


  • Identify the problems.
  • What problems can’t you influence?
  • What problems can you influence?
  • The 8 steps of problem solving.
  • Implement your solution in practice.

The problem solving sessions can be combined with sessions from all other themes.

A coaching program is always finished with a, free of charge, evaluation, in which you can evaluate the program and leave a review.