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Check moment

Voor whom
Everyone who follows a coaching program.

Check moment
This check or these checks can be added in a coaching program. In this check you will be asked how you are doing at the moment, it will be checked whether something has happened or changed in your situation, but also how you experience the coaching program until then. If you have the check moments as part of a longer program, you will also evaluate what has already been learned to see if you are able to apply the new skills. Finally, the interim check is used to see if progress has been made.

Example session
On the right you can see an example of a (problem solving) session (in Dutch) as offered by Thamba Coaching. Click on the images to see them in full size.


  • Check moment.

The check moment sessions are highly recommended after every +/- 10 sessions of each coaching program.

A coaching program is always finished with a, free of charge, evaluation, in which you can evaluate the program and leave a review.