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In case of a first burnout or light complaints, online coaching can be recommended. With a (very) complicated burnout it is recommended to seek more intensive help. Do you doubt whether online coaching is suitable for you? Sign up for the free and noncommittal intake, so we can explore together whether this form of help fits your situation.

With the term burnout is meant the feeling of being literally burnt out and that there is no energy left to work, to do nice things or to solve problems. Characteristic is that the balance between effort and relaxation is gone or disturbed. The situations plays a role in the burnout, but it is also important how you deal with this situation. By discovering what your needs and your limits are and to act accordingly, you can reduce the complaints and recognize and avert a new burnout early on. Burnout is often only related to overload on the work floor, but a burnout can also occur due to a disturbed private situation.

Example session
On the right you can see an example of a (problem solving) session (in Dutch) as offered by Thamba Coaching. Click on the images to see them in full size.


  • Inventory of complaints on a physical, mental and behavioral level.
  • What factors at your work and / or in your private situation play a disruptive role?
  • What factors can support you when dealing with the burnout?
  • Which personality traits can you use to get rid of the complaints and which traits are actually worsen the complaints?
  • The demands that people with burnout complaints have towards themselves are often high, but is that justly and necessary?
  • A structured daily schedule is a way to stay within your limits.
  • Life rules are taught during the youth and these strict (and natural feeling) rules are faithfully performed in adulthood, but do these rules actually work for you?

The burnout sessions can be combined with sessions from all other themes.

A coaching program is always finished with a, free of charge, evaluation, in which you can evaluate the program and leave a review.