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"Online tailored coaching. Worldwide."

Thamba Coaching

Who is and what does Thamba Coaching?

A leopard in South Africa is called Thamba which means ‘rock’.

Everyone can be his own rock: strong, honest and balanced. In order to achieve this people might stand up for themselves a little bit more, be more goal-oriented and be more aware of their needs and act according to them. Those are exactly the characteristics of a leopard.

Following a default program is not the way things work at Thamba Coaching. You are an unique individual. Just like the support offered by Thamba Coaching. A coaching program will be drawn up in cooperation with you. It will be developed based on the intake and your wishes and needs.

Characteristic for a coaching program at Thamba Coaching are the short sessions which take 15-30 minutes to complete. This means you are working for shorter periods of time, but more often with the material. This allows you to focus on each step and to work in a goal-oriented manner. The result is a smaller chance of a decrease in motivation.

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The psychologist at Thamba Coaching is drs. M.C. Hofstra-van Kuler. She lives in the Netherlands (Central European Time, +01: 00). After completing a master degree in Health Science she has optained a master degree in Psychology. After completing this second study she joined a small practice in Hilversum (the Netherlands) where she gained experience in online therapy focused on burnout, depression and anxiety. Since 2018 she has been coaching clients worldwide at Thamba Coaching. Involvement, empathy, a critical view and enthusiasm are typical for her coaching style.


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"Online tailored coaching. Worldwide."