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Follow session

First follow your session via one of the possibilities below and then plan your session at 'schedule session'.

At Thamba Coaching you follow the coaching sessions via a secured chat function of KPN. This function is called Ezorg or Alterdesk. This chat has been developed specifically for the healthcare sector, where the highest possible security is applied and the program is continuously updated, allowing you to safely follow your coaching program online.


The chat function can be used on various devices, allowing you to follow the sessions in any way and any location you want. You log in with the same credentials on every device, so you can log in on all devices. You choose which is the most obvious for you at that moment.



  • Direct login
  • Without downloading a program
  • Use on any device
  • You will not receive a notification with a new message




  • One-time online login to download the program on your computer:
    • After logging in at the bottom left corner
  • Direct access from your computer
  • You will receive a notification when there is a new message


Android App


  • Download in the Google Play Store
  • Use on Android smartphone or tablet
  • You will receive a notification when there is a new message


iOS App


  • Download in the App Store
  • Use on iOS smartphone or tablet
  • You will receive a notification when there is a new message


First time logging in
You have registered for the non-committal intake of Thamba Coaching, that is why you have received an e-mail with the title 'Melanie Hofstra-van Kuler wil veilig informatie met u uitwisselen' (Melanie Hofstra-van Kuler wants to safely exchange information with you) at the e-mail address you provided. Open the e-mail and click on 'uitnodiging accepteren' (accept invitation). You are now in the KPN environment. If you want to change the language to English you can select the language in the upper right corner. Click on 'Create your account' and enter your details and choose a password. Check your information and complete the registration. You will see directly the conversation with Thamba Coaching. You can now send a message that the registration is successful, then you will immediately receive the intake and you can start your program.


"Er is geen andere weg dan uw weg"