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You can ask all your questions by e-mail at:

An online coaching program is suitable for people with mild problems or people who experience problems for the first time. It is also suitable for people with severe complaints who want to bridge a waiting list period and for people without complaints who want to develop themselves.

All you need is a computer with internet and an e-mail address.

You do not need a referral from the general practitioner if you want to start an online coaching program at Thamba Coaching.

As with all other forms of coaching and therapy, you should feel comfortable to let it be successful. This differs for everyone. But if you can work with a computer and internet and express yourself in writing, then there is a plausible chance that online coaching will suit you well.

Once the total amount or the first instalment is received, you can start the same working day.

The registration, the intake and the development of the coaching proposal are free of charge at Thamba Coaching.

A session costs € 14.99 if you want to pay in six instalments.
A session costs € 12.99 if you want to pay in three instalments.
If you purchase the entire coaching program at once, you pay € 9.99 per session.

After receipt of the signed quotation you will receive an invoice. You can pay your invoice by means of PayPerEmail or a bank transfer.

With PayPerEmail you will receive an e-mail with a payment button and then you can choose between iDEAL, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa or EMaestro. This way you can easily and quickly pay your invoice.

It is possible at all times to transfer the outstanding amount by bank transfer to account number NL18 INGB 0006 1688 96, Thamba Coaching in Hilversum in the Netherlands, stating the invoice number.

As soon as the total amount or the first installment has been received, you will receive a confirmation and the first session, so you can start immediately.

Thamba Coaching has deliberately no contracts with health insurers. Because Thamba Coaching works contract-free, the program can actually be tailored for you without interference from the health insurers. The advantage is that for this reason a coaching program is able to fit your situation seamlessly.

Experience shows that long sessions cost a lot of energy and time, which can cause a decrease in motivation during the program. With longer sessions, the entire program consists of fewer sessions and you are therefore less frequently working at yourself. With Thamba Coaching it is the other way around. You get shorter, but more sessions. This keeps the motivation intact and you work more often and more concretely on the issues that you wish to address.

Below you can see an example of a (problem solving) session (in Dutch) as offered by Thamba Coaching. 

What is possible is that you ask for a small coaching program, of for example 2 or 3 sessions. As soon as the invoice or the first installment has been paid, you can see how a coaching program at Thamba Coaching works and experience for yourself whether this type of care suits you. If so, you simply request an quotation for the continuation of the coaching program.

If you want to make use of this option, please indicate this during the intake, so you receive immediately a correct coaching proposal, so you can start your program quickly.

This depends entirely upon you. If you only need some support in daily life, you may be able to finish with 10-20 sessions, but if you want to develop yourself in several areas, 100> sessions may be necessary. On average, a coaching program consists of 50 sessions. This is comparable with +/- 10 regular sessions with a psychologist. A shorter or longer program can always be offered according to your wishes and needs. Each program differs because it is specifically tailored to you.

De gemiddelde snelheid is 3 sessies per week. Het staat u volledig vrij om een hoger of lager tempo aan te houden. Een gemiddeld coachingstraject duurt 50 sessies, waarbij u gemiddeld 17 weken begeleid wordt. The average speed is 3 sessions each week. You are completely free to maintain a higher or lower tempo. An average coaching program consists of 50 sessions, with an average of 17 weeks of coaching.

The chat function is from KPN and is called Ezorg or Alterdesk, depending on which device you use. This chat has been specially developed for the healthcare sector, so information can be shared between professionals and their clients in a safe, efficient and easy way. The chat is secured to the highest level and KPN is responsible for maintaince and updates, so confidential and privacy-sensitive information can be shared in a responsible manner.


The chat can be used directly online, but the program can also be downloaded on your computer, in addition there are apps for both Android and iOS. This makes it possible to use the chat on all devices.


The chat itself works easy. As soon as you log in, you will see the conversation with your psychologist from Thamba Coaching. You type in your response and simply send it to your psychologist. You can also add attachments if you want to share documents or images.


When using the program on the computer or the apps you get a notification when there is a new message. If you use the chat online, you will not receive a notification and you will have to check whether you received a response. You can read the response 15 minutes after the scheduled time in Thamba Coaching's online agenda and you can continue the program.

Once you have finished a session, go to the Thamba Coaching website. Log in and send the session to your psychologist through the secure environment. Next, indicate in the online agenda when you would like to receive a response. This way you know exactly when you receive a reaction. You can find the online agenda under ‘schedule session’.

During an online coaching program you will be coached by a university-trained psychologist with a Basisaantekening Psychodiagnostiek (BAPD) (literally translated: Basic Note Psychodiagnostics) who is registered with the Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen (NIP) (Dutch Institute of Psychologists).

The working hours for the coaching sessions are from 08:30 to 17:30 every day of the week Central European Time (+01: 00). If you wish to contact or receive an intake form you can reach the psychologist on Monday through Friday from 08:30 to 17:30 Central European Time (+01: 00). Outside of these hours you can always get in touch, but no direct response can be guaranteed.

The chat function that is used at Thamba Coaching is from KPN. It has been specially developed for the healthcare sector, so professionals and clients can communicate with each other in a safe, fast and efficient way. In this contact there is an exchange of confidential and privacy-sensitive information and it is important that this way of communicating is well protected. KPN complies with the strict safety requirements for this product and, in order to continue to comply with this, they take on the task of continually updating and maintaining the program, so it complies with all legal requirements regarding privacy. This allows you to use the chat safely for the online coaching program of Thamba Coaching.

The website of Thamba Coaching has an SSL certificate with which the website is visibly secured. The contacts between client and psychologist take place in a secured part of the website. In addition, all your data are covered by the Dutch Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (literally translated: Personal Data Protection Act). Thamba Coaching will not disclose data to third parties, unless you have expressly given permission for this. The codes of conduct that are used can be found at the Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen (NIP) (Dutch Institute of Psychologists).
A file of your online coaching program is kept. You have the right of acces and request your file. After your coaching program has ended, your file will be kept for 15 years, after which it will be destroyed.

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